Today’s Medical Practice
Coding Productivity Benchmarks

Do you measure up?

When it comes to coding productivity, today’s medical practices are hard pressed to ensure their coders perform at levels that keep reimbursements flowing to meet financial goals. Your continued profitability hinges upon their ability to stay productive, accurate and efficient.

In this 19 page white paper, you will learn the top productivity benchmarks to help you compare and assess how you measure up to your peers. You’ll also learn the recipe for a high achieving coding department (hint: stack your department with coders that match this profile) and lastly the broader trends related to evolving coder responsibilities.

Download to learn:

  • The average coder productivity standards for charts reviewed, claims coded, claims submitted and denials appealed
  • How metrics vary based on factors including specialty, provider size and location
  • The profile of a high-performing coder
  • Changing trends of coder responsibilities in today’s era of health care

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